Looking for potential licensees in Mexico, Europe and China

Offer an innovative and patented product to your clients


Invented in Canada in 2014, the Ecopost system is patent-protected in North America, Europe and China. We currently have licensees in Canada and the United States, and are looking for future partners to cover all territories. Join the Ecopost team by providing your clients with a new, patented and eco-friendly product boasting multiple advantages.

The new high-performance display system

Ecopost allows you to offer something new to your clients, a product which offers different attributes than existing products. You will be able to introduce your clients to an innovative, eco-friendly and high-performance creation that sits between temporary and permanent displays.

Patented technology

Stand out from your competition by offering a unique product and leave the world of mere convenience. This patented technology allows you to sell specific attributes which answer needs yet unmet. Seize the opportunity!

A dynamic network that pulls together

Why reinvent the wheel? What works elsewhere can probably work for you! Your clients are often global brands with worldwide outreach. Ecopost licensees from different regions share the realizations of their territory between themselves. In this way, they benefit from the designs realized elsewhere and can easily adapt them to the specific reality of their region.

To become a licensee

Would you like more information about becoming an Ecopost system licensee in your region? Contact us!

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By phone: (450) 477-2767