Product lifespan

Several brands—several programs—more than 6 months

The Ecopost system is made to last!

Impress retailers with better display performances. Motivate your sales taskforce with displays that last over time. Ecopost is a highly robust display system made from 100% recycled water-resistant paperboard.

Water-resistant eco-friendly paperboard

Say goodbye to cardboard displays that fall over due to wet floors. The Ecopost display’s legs are water-resistant, allowing for an in-store lifespan lasting up to 6 months if needed.

Made to hold heavy loads

Ecopost can bear loads up to 125 lbs. (60 kg) per shelf without reinforcements. Highly sturdy, the system allows for a temporary or semi-permanent in-store installation for only a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to cardboard displays that fall over constantly!

A structure that adapts to various programs and brands

Ecopost is an open structure free of any braces or panels that may hinder product visibility. Various products and brands may be presented over time through customization of graphical elements based on the current program.

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