Ecopost System

Impress clients and retailers with ECO-FRIENDLY DISPLAYS


Ecopost display system is made of recycled water-resistant paperboard and is recyclable & compostable with the FSC Certification.

Indoor or outdoor, Ideal to ship long distance & DC friendly, Ecopost is the sustainable alternative to wood or metal racks.

Its open and braceless structure nicely showcases the presented products while supporting up to 100 lbs per shelf without reinforcements.

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Dimensions and levels can be adapted to your needs!

Our racks are designed specifically to the need of each programs. We need a minimum quantity of 500 units to start a production.

 Depending on the planogram (Type of product, weight, height, number of levels, outdoor or indoor, shelf time at retail, etc), we design a specific BOM.

All dimensions and heights are adjusted to the program.

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Ecopost cornerpost parts come all nested on pallet to optimize freight & logistics.

There are 800 units of uprights and long tray supports per pallet and 1600 units of small tray supports.

We can ship in one full trailer 2000 units of a 3 Level half pallet and 1500 units of a 4 level.

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Eco-friendly and water-resistant

You can rest assured that you are making an eco-friendly choice, both in terms of materials and design. EcoPost products are FSC certified, while also offering high in-store performance. Their lifespan on the floor can easily extend beyond 6 months and they can be reused for several different programs.