DiSPLAY            TechnologY

Ecopost is a highly sturdy water-resistant display system made of 100% recycled paperboard. Its open and braceless structure nicely showcases the presented products while supporting heavy loads.

Strong and durable

Ecopost can bear loads up to 125 lbs. (60 kg) per shelf without reinforcements. Highly sturdy, the system allows for a temporary or semi-permanent in-store installation for only a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to cardboard displays that fall over constantly!

Put your product in the spotlight

Ecopost places the presented products in the spotlight with its open structure free of any braces or panels that may hinder product visibility. Made of recycled water-resistant paperboard, the display may be printed in the brand’s colors and personalized through a simple and economical system.


Say goodbye to cardboard displays that fall over due to wet floors. The Ecopost display has water-resistant legs, allowing for an in-store lifespan lasting up to 6 months if needed.

Ecopost System Users

Become a licensee

We are currently looking for display manufacturers in
Mexico, Europe and China who would like to offer Ecopost to their clientele.