Change its look in a flash based on the program or brand.

Every program has unique needs—here are the options:

Are you launching a new brand, a new design, or a month-long or seasonal promotion? Whatever your specific requirements, Ecopost is adaptable through a system of options allowing customization based on needs and budget.

Lip label

To communicate a single message over the display’s full lifespan, printed cardboard is wrapped around the shelves to broadcast the message. For semi-permanent needs and a rotation of messages, we offer a plastic sleeve which protects the display and inexpensively facilitates the swapping of graphics.

Side panels

For projects requiring maximized graphics and messages, the sides of the display can be utilized. Our side panel system requires no fastening device other than the existing shelves. Side panels take only a few seconds to install.

False bottom and top

You may use the display’s base or head to communicate your message, using a fastener-free system which automatically attaches to the Ecopost structure in only a few seconds.


If the display must be moved around the store, a special fastener can be used to attach wheels to the Ecopost cornerpost. The fastener system is universal and allows the installation of most wheels available on the market.

Reuse your display again and again at a fraction of the cost by swapping graphics