A simple system for a quick assembly

Standardize your costs and programs with the Ecopost system

A consistent and standardized execution is the basis of the Ecopost system. Whether you want to assemble a Stacker, a Tower or a Floorstand, the steps are always the same. The Ecopost system ensures consistent methods and standardized costs.

Step 1 – Open the box

All of the display’s parts—its structure, shelves, graphical elements, fasteners and assembly instructions—are bundled inside a single box.

Step 2 – Assemble one side of the structure

Both sides of the display are always pre-assembled at the factory before being boxed. Simply close one face of the structure by installing the shelf supports, then secure both sides together with the supplied fasteners.

Step 3 – Secure the shelves

Securing the shelves is quick and easy since the structure is open and easy to access. Technical specifications for the shelves and Ecopost displays vary based on surface area, weight, and on the anticipated in-store performance timespan.

Step 4 – Close the structure

Nothing is easier than to close and fasten the display’s structure. Simply install the shelf supports and use the supplied fasteners. The type of fastener may vary based on product, application and in-store lifespan.

See for yourself: a 4-level structure in under 2 minutes

A 4-level structure is assembled in under 2 minutes. Based on dimensions and number of levels, each structure will have a different assembly time. This video is a good example of a popular display.

Once your display is built, you can now…