Ecopost System

Impress clients and retailers with better display performances

What is EcoPost System?

  • Sustainable technology – Made from recycled and recyclable Paperboard Angleboard
  • Instore lifespan from 6 to 12 Months and more
  • 1 EcoPost Display replaced on average 10 corrugated displays in a lifetime
  • Almost permanent but light (30 Lbs), flexible and easy to move at store level
  • Reduction of Logistic, Warehousing and Material Waste
  • Better merchandising of products – Open structure free of any braces
  • 15% – 25% more pounds of Product on same footprint
  • North American manufacturing – 6-7 weeks delivery
  • Proven system that works
  • Generates Overall Savings $$$$

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EcoPost systems are perfectly designed to face up to the challenges of the Chips & snack industry.
The 3 display unit formats allow you to meet your brands’ various needs and are designed to comply with retail standards.
Greatly appreciated by both wholesalers and
distributors, they perform well beyong expectations.

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Why switching to a Sustainable display technology?

  • Semi-Perm displays are a sustainable solution and a new trend with retailers
  • Brands are able to secure retailer floor space for multi-month programs
  • Temporary corrugated displays are replaced by 6-12 months EcoPost displays
  • EcoPost brings:
    • Improved consumer experience with Better Merchandising of products
    • Cleaner display look at retail
    • Easier cross-Merchandising of Salsa or other Products
    • Light, flexible and easy to move at retail
    • 15% to 25% more pounds of Product on the same footprint
  • Impress retailers with superior display performance
  • Boost sales force reducing store maintenance
  • Save money using a sustainable semi-perm display technology

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Eco-friendly and water-resistant

You can rest assured that you are making an eco-friendly choice, both in terms of materials and design. EcoPost products are FSC certified, while also offering high in-store performance. Their lifespan on the floor can easily extend beyond 6 months and they can be reused for several different programs.